Production Process

1. Raw Material Mixing

In this process we mix all raw material which are fed into the extruder. The materials mixed are normally PP grain, Calcium Carbonate or Calpet, Master Batch, UV Stabilizer etc.


2. Extrusion Line

In this process all the raw materials are fed into extrusion line where they melt and come out from die in the form of molten sheet.

3. Water Bathing

In this process the molten sheet from the extrusion line die is dipped into water to make it hard.

4. Cutting tape into thread

In this process the plastic sheet coming out from water is cut into small threads.


5. Heating and Stretching

In this process the threads are heated and stretched to make them strong.


6. Winding on Winders

In this process the stretched threads are winded on the winders so that they can be shifted on the looms

7. Weaving on circular looms

In this process the threads are woven to make a circular cloth of plastic threads. The woven cloth is collected in rolls.

8. Cutting and stitching

In this process the rolls of cloth are cut into the size of bag. The bottom of bags are then stitched.

9. Printing the Logo design of buyer

In this process the previous cut and stitched bags are printed as per customer requirement.

10. Bail Pressing

In this process the printed bags are pressed in the form of bails. This is the last process of PP bags manufacturing.

11. Dispatch

In this process the pressed bails are loaded into a vehicle and sent to their destination for further use